Friday, 9 May 2014

Bag making at the WI


Our Pink Ladies WI had it third meeting last night and as bag printing was voted as the most popular potential activity earlier this year, that's what we did. Although I was a bit of a reluctant president, ideas and creative solutions are one of my strengths and in my head the idea that we could combine doing something for a local charity and bag printing / making in the same event started to unravel, with numerous possibilities.

The best thing about our WI is that it is totally community based, by the people for the people and as a teacher it is a dream to inspire learning without the constraints of funding, drowning in paperwork and the forced engagement of the disengaged. Infact our fabulous treasurer and secretary are so brilliant, that I don't even have think about the spirit crushing implications of money. And what with our local business owner and director of Espression Art Cafe Vice President hosting the event, I'm pretty much free to get on with the designing, planning, organising and creativity: all my favourite things!

The lovely Zoe from Hi Kent joined us to tell us all about her wonderful idea of making bags to sell to raise the profile of Deaf Awareness Week 19th -25th May 2014. Everyone of our amazing guests and members printed a bag for her to take away. Zoe is going to create a window display of the bags in the Northgate shop, with the bag picture below at its centre.

I'm very pleased to say that it was a collaborative affair and involved consultation with the construction, design and printing team. Zoe still has to go away and make the bag up, but I don't think this is the first bag she's made.

This a selection of the bags we printed or made

And some that wouldn't fit on the washing line

And if that wasn't exciting enough, the very talented Karen, from Leonora's Kitchen came along to tell us about the food and wine tasting event that she is hosting for the Pink Ladies WI next month. She is offering an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and Asian food with wines or soft drinks as an accompaniment , we are even getting a compare for the evening. We hope to invite all the beautiful lady traders from the Palace Street area and spill out onto the pavement. If you fancy a fab evening out, on a mid summer's Eve in the heart of the city or maybe want to come along to see what kind of brilliant people actually go to the WI, this is your chance to try us out. Tickets are only £15, just get in touch if you want to come along.



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