Saturday, 13 September 2014

M is for magazines

Ahh to lie around in the sun flicking through magazines.... what better way is there to enjoy life. Maybe a cold beer, a sprinkle of magic dust to transport me back to any one of my camping excursions this year and a good magazine. For me it's all about the way it looks , the style of the photos, the illustrations, yes that's right I want to look at beautiful images.

When we arrived back from our latest adventures at Wellington Country Park Campsite, my two favourite magazines were waiting for me (I love it when the postman brings good stuff). Mollie Makes is a total craftfest, with every page full of the stuff I love and Anorak magazine is for the kiddies. Charlie and I have read Anorak every night since. Mr Bumblechucks is our favourite in the current issue so far.

In my mind I can see my finished hexablanket laid out on the grass covered in all the magazines I dream of owning but I know are way beyond me. These are the serious interest magazines for artisans who don't fluff their patterns.



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