Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Moments of Christmas


What would you do if you had more time?


I would spend any extra minutes writing stuff down, those precious memories that I fear will get lost in my over-crowded mind. My craft / life balance is slightly out of kilter and I have a headache . Both indications that I am doing too much for my head to process and I need to sit back and allow my thoughts to catch up without being compelled to craft every spare second or constantly adding more items to my to do list.

It is after all almost Christmas and there is so much joy to document. What if I didn't get a chance to note down how entertaining I found it to watch Charlie spend the majority of the performance trying to remove the tinsel from his wrists as an angel in his school nativity? Or his description of Widow Twanky as "like this mum who was actually a man and wore these like really weird costumes and kept changing her costumes and telling all the jokes?"

Josie is far more grown up in her approach to Christmas this year. Her preparations would no doubt have involved hanging out in town with her friends, Christmas shopping and spending a fortunate on over priced seasonally flavoured coffee if she hadn't have been ill. No nativity for Josie this year, just an opportunity for her to spend more of my money on an outfit for the school disco.

Thanks to our advent candle, Charlie has learnt the dangers of playing with fire and how angry it's likely to make your mother. Fortunately this was a lesson that didn't involve burning the house down, however there was a fair amount of smoke, ash and water scattered around the candle. I particularly liked his response to my questioning of what had occurred; according to Charlie "nothing."

Best of all so far though has been Charlie hassling me to finish the peg doll Jesus set because he wanted to make a stop motion movie.


And a bonus Christmas moment for all those friends and family who will be able to picture Charlie saying, "if you don't believe me, text Santa and ask him" when I foolishly thought that he was lying about taking more Bombay mix without asking.


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