Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Knit and Stitch Crafternoons

Hands up if you like crafting?

And if you like cake?

And if at some point in life you've been touched by a sadness that has been made that tiny bit better by getting together with lovely people?

Still got your hands up and are able to get to Canterbury on a Thursday evening or Friday morning from 26th February, then the knit and stitch Crafternoons late or early could be the thing for you.

For the next few weeks, infact up until 13th March, we will be jumping on The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon band wagon, crafting ourselves happy and raising some cash for those whose lives are tougher than they should be.

Comic Relief sponsor charities such as Time to Change who campaign to break the silence on mental health, so if you want to do your bit, come along and see us. Anyone can eat a cake for charity and if you are stuck for inspiration we also have "Motto a Day" craft packs available or even a bit of therapeutic adult colouring.




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