Monday, 30 March 2015

Darn those socks

It is with great pride that I'm able to announce that I can darn socks. Thanks to my best friend Mr Google, I watched a "how to..." video and within half an hour, that pesky hole had vanished.


It took me 5 years to knit these socks for my husband, mostly because I got stuck on the heal and gave up. This year though, my New Years resolution was to finish stuff and these were on my list, so I didn't actually sit there for 5 years knitting away, hour after hour. However, after less than a month, my husband had already made a hole in my masterpiece but darning was always part of the plan.



First I did the weaving bit one way

Then the other way


Until the hole disappeared

Finally I turned it in the right way and although it's not the tidiest in the world, it's done and done my me.



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