Thursday, 2 April 2015

Real Games

Today was the first day of the Easter holidays. After a rainy start, the sun shone, the children played, Sherlock sunbathed in the garden and all was fine in the world. As far as the year of the sock is concerned, it's time to try the second green leaf pattern sock, that I made such a mess of in February in between gardening.

This afternoon there were some problems with the Internet and it was probably off for a couple of hours but it wasn't the disaster you'd imagine for a couple of kiddies off from school. Charlie did come out to tell me it wasn't working and that Josie was making her own real life Cluedo but I was in the middle of planting out peas so didn't really take too much notice.

Next thing I knew, Josie was outside, giving me directions as the murderer and instructing that I don't remove the clue from the slug pellets (the murder weapon). There were clues all over the house and several murders that went on for at least a couple of hours. The children were not only playing real games that didn't involve electronic devices, but we're playing nicely together.


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