Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Summer rain

It seems like ages since I wore a coat. Best of all I like the scorching hot summer days but I don't mind a few drops of summer rain.

When you have a dog, walking in the rain comes with the job. I wouldn't head out for a stroll in a shower if it wasn't for that little fluffy friend of mine but it is so peaceful walking early in the morning.


Even though it was raining, everywhere is still ever so dry and all my plants could really do with a good drenching. Having Sherlock makes me truly value green open spaces. We hunt them out together so that he can run free, chase squirrels and rabbits and just be a dog. I hope that when the kids are older, they don't have to walk down streets of new builds saying, "when we were young, all this used to be fields, we walked our dog here."


Whilst most people are still sleeping, Sherlock and I are out exploring the world, discovering treasure like these ghosts of mushrooms. Surely they didn't magically appear after such a short amount of dampness or maybe it's just down to the miracle of nature.


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