Friday, 27 November 2015


November has been hard for me this year. Despite immersing myself in the ethos of Wovember, I've struggled. Life is always a learning process and my own quirks are can really bring me down sometimes. We all suffer from perfectionism but even trying to think about the last day that I haven't cried at points throughout the day brings me to tears so I know things are not right.

Wooden heart from the Black Forest

I like the switch in acceptance that is creeping into society. I'm not a massive fan of supermarkets but it makes me smile to see the shelves filled with mindful colour therapy. If it weren't for art, colour and creativity, November would be a very dark time. It doesn't legitimately have the delightful glitz and sparkle of December (although I know Christmas is in the shops).

My exploration into yarn, fibre and podcasts that provide a wealth of information inevitably led me to Wooful. It's a wonderful insight into a whole new world that has opened up for me. I will be forever grateful to people like Ashley Yousling, who spend their time gathering information to share.

I woke up and wiped the tears of disappointment away, greeted by another morning when I did not feel better and there on my iPhone screen, waiting to be played was the latest episode of Woolful. This was the serendipity I needed, just the right people at the right time. The episode featured my guardian angel, Tif Fussell who I now wish to adopt as a big sister. She talked of her own creative journey, dark days and self acceptance. I walked through the last of the lingering autumn leaves with Sherlock, listening to her experiences and relating them to my own. It helped. The fresh air, the natural autumnal beauty of the landscape and her insight.

 Embroidered fingerless mittens and crochet pocket on my Dotty Angel dress

It's time for me to allow myself to be not quite ok. To recognise that I need to take a step back, unbusy myself and be Woolful. I can just be how I'm feeling and remember always the words of wisdom spoken to me through my headphones by Tif...

It will be ok in the end and if it's not ok, it it's not the end

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