Monday, 1 February 2016

Free from stuff

As a teacher it isn't okay to have favourites but rules were made to be broken. It's quite easy to get on my list of favourites, it is in fact any student that I see regularly. However obviously the more I see a student, the more I get to know them and familiarity leads to fondness. I have one in particular who is on the autistic spectrum. He has such a wonderful turn of phrase. He believes that there is no good or bad weather it's just weather and I wholeheartedly agree. For what seems like forever I believed  I had good days and bad days but not any more. For 2016 I am just going to have days and I am sure this new perspective will make a big difference. 

So on 1 February I can announce that I have already made some exciting new discoveries. I've learnt how to use the zipper foot on my sewing machine and in the process made a skirt. Bags and bags of whatever have left the house as part of my decluttering which was long overdue. I can't believe how much of the stuff I was holding onto without really realising that I was. I'm letting go of things I no longer need to make room for the new person I want to be. Someone who is free from ties to the past other than memories of happiness.

My new year's resolution is simplicity and this works well with everything. Can I make things easier? Do I really need to do that? How many things can I remove from my to do list leaving me with only fun tasks? Does anyone actually care if…? I intend to monotask, I'm on a busy boycott and I like it. 

 This little motto ring is free to whoever wants it or I like the sound of or seems most worthy. I have no random number generator so leave a message, it could be you.

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