Sunday, 9 October 2016

Autumn Skies

Sometimes it's impossible to ignore the weather. Today the heavens have opened, the sun has shone and the sky has changed from the bluest of blue to ominous grey. Rainbows have appeared and vanished after filling the skies with colour.

It's also noticeably colder. Hats, mittens, fingerless gloves and scarves are at the ready in fact I have had them on several mornings since October started. Since having Sherlock I notice the weather more. The rain is not a problem. He is not keen but once we get going a walk is a walk, rabbits are there to be chased, squirrels are there to be barked at and foxes are there to be discovered.

Autumn has arrived and with it the end of the growing season. My dahlias enjoy the colder mistier mornings and are showing no sign of giving up yet. However the summer lettuces have been replaced with those that will with stand the winter and the planting of seeds will now wait until the spring. Small seedlings of climbing beans, field beans and sweet peas are growing in the greenhouse and secretly growing within plain sight are the stars of the autumn, my chrysanthemums.

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