Friday, 25 November 2016

Buy nothing day

For some people today is just Friday. There are others however who have been hijacked by consumerism, the shiny, sparkling promise of happiness through the purchase of crap they don't need destined for next year's landfill, trapped in the endless hunt for a bargain. And then there's another group of Friday 25th November 2016 people, those celebrating Buy Nothing Day and that's the gang I'm in.

But how about the saving money, the kick starting the Christmas shopping and the greedy over consumption of Black Friday, I hear you ask. Well don't worry friends, I'm not tragically behind in the preparations for the crazy season, I have completed a handmade homemade Christmas gift for my nephew. He's too young yet to have his own opinion about what makes a decent gift so I can quite easily pass off anything as acceptable as long as it has an aeroplane on it.

Of course I did actually spent most of yesterday and today working on the little placemat so although it is not commercially mass produced in a factory by children paid in less than peanuts, it is crammed full of love and unique one of a kindness. 

I did offer my own little darling boy one very similar but he very politely declined.

Even though it's got a tiny bird on it, I guess that it isn't the same as a branded product.

I suppose the trickiest thing with the whole gift giving shabang is balancing what you'd like to give (ethically) and what they'd like receive, because there really is nothing more pointless than buying something unwanted. 

 And then finally to finish off my Black Friday Day of buying nothing, I darned the socks that I made for my husband last Christmas. With all the craziness in a world gone mad for the latest must have can't live without it , it's comforting to know that I have atleast two people in my life who will buy into my homemade handmade Christmas. 

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