Thursday, 3 March 2011

World Book Day

I don't believe that I could live without books. There isn't a day ever where I don't look at one, read one, pick one up from the floor, buy one, order or collect one from the library or write in one. The written word is such an integral part of my life, I could not image how it could ever be any different. I love to write, either my blog, messages to friends, in my diary, the written word is everything to me.

As a literacy teacher I spend a vast amount of my time working with words, trying to inspire the reading and writing of words, often to those who either don't have regular access to books or sincerely do not wish to engage with text (other than on their phones or Facebook). However these young people are my new inspiration. Each of the teenagers in my class know that today is World Book Day and everyone of them took a £1 book token. Quite a few of them have even bought books with them, but as always there are those who surprise me and truly make me feel proud to be a teacher. Each of my students has their own barriers to learning: health, circumstances, environment, ability; life and learning are not necessary as carefree as you would want those teenage years to be. There is however one student who I am incredibly proud of. Don't get me wrong, each and everyone are my favourites but on World Book Day and considering my love of the written word and blogs, I would please ask you to click on the link below. All of the posts on the blog are by the same student and she has also chose the name:

Turning Thoughts Into Written Words

Please find the time to leave a comment on the blog, it is after all World Bood Day and the blog is dedicated to reading.

Note to those who have asked for advice on blogs: If you want to write one, you just should, everyone has to start somewhere and it's about being brave enough to take that step, turn your thoughts into written words.

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