Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

It would not be the same if I didn't make a few resolutions to get the new year started. Whether I keep them is of course debatable but it's nice to make the effort, even if they prove to be totally pie in the sky.

No. 1 is an old favourite .... Get fitter. Every January I cut back on the junk and reboot the exercise regime. I do actually look forward to it. I feel better and healthier and happier. I'm not really sure why I don't continue throughout the year but if I did then it wouldn't make my top spot for new year resolutions. So far I'm doing ok, I've been running, swimming and to yoga as well as eating more fruit and veg.

No. 2 is pretty much my life long ambition to be a better mummy, spend more time enjoying my children, loving them and creating a happy world for them to be in and less time being too busy doing boring stuff like tidying up. I can get a tick for this one as well after spending the afternoon building a mega Lego house with Charlie.

Apparently we are building the rest of the City tomorrow.

No. 3 finish what I start. This one will continue to be the hardest of all to keep. I would not like to count the numerous projects I have started and not finished, but here's one I have finished.

The sketch I started yesterday and finished today.


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