Wednesday, 30 January 2013

When in Rome - The Mary Poppins Mission

As I wait for the next leg of my journey, surrounded by the passionate chatter of Italians, there really was only one sensible option for supper. If you can't eat pizza when you are hanging out in Rome then when can you? I have fallen in love with Rome airport, you get to descend the steps of the plane as if you are a movie star, they play jazz in the departures lounge and the shops are truly delightful.


I was always going to appreciate a beautiful stationery shop but everywhere looks so pretty, expensive and stylishly Italian.


I've never even tried Limoncello but it looks so delicious that I might just have to pick up a bottle on the way home.

Herbs in an old suitcase

Fabulously rustic looking pasta


And even a truffle display!



  1. I wish I was in your suitcase. It sounds like you are having quite an adventure!

    1. Thank you mrspao, I am having a fabulous time


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