Friday, 26 July 2013

Golden summer moments

I have a feeling that as the summer holidays continue, our bucket list will get longer and longer. We did complete a number of fun things today and as we ticked them off, more and more exciting things were added.

Today we...

Picked and ate veg from our garden

Hunted for caterpillar eggs for our butterfly farm

We found a few different types

 Whoever laid these, did so very neatly

Made a nature museum

And caught butterflies in nets

My favourite moments from today were of Charlie standing in a small box full of water howling with laughter as he stuck the hose pipe down his shorts and Josie making her own Top Trumps. Josie's cards were based on characteristics of her friends and were really so funny. I loved seeing how she rated her friends in terms of smartness, cuteness, entertainment, mischief and strength, including Nibbles and Henry (two Guinea pigs who will be staying with us for a while in the holidays.)

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