Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Walmer Castle

One of the things I like about living in Kent is that there are always new places to discover. This is also true of England and practically every corner of the world but I do rather relish living just around the corner from undiscovered adventures.

We recently visited Walmer Castle on a glorious sunny afternoon, perfect for a spot of culture and history overlooking the sea.

It had a little something of interest for each us and seeing as Kent castles are very much on the school curriculum and both the children have learnt about all the stuff that goes into making a castle great, it was certainly worth a trip.


There are cellars or possibly dungeons, with eerie ghosts (my children), secret doors and midsummer sun streaming throughp windows into the ancient stone chambers.

Canons to practice balancing skills on or imagine that you are protecting your area against attack from pirates.

Herbaceous borders filled with structure, colour and shape against a backdrop of billowing hunks of yew topiary.

A moat to run riot in.

And sculpture which is my little new homework topic.

I also got to expand my mind, learn through cultural traditions and experience the bizarre educational fact providing extravaganza that is the truly British phenomenon of a Punch and Judy Show.

Five fascinating facts about Punch and Judy

  • Mr Punch was originally from Italy
  • Punch and Judy used to hang out in theatres before being sent out on to the beach to perform in booths
  • Although the stories are similar, each performer must create their own script, no copying allowed
  • Drunk adults were the intended audience as the pay better than children who don't actually have any money
  • Even today the performance is filled with violence against children, women and pretty much everyone involved, based around murder with some pretty frightening characters, including a skeleton and a crocodile but small kiddies still find it hilarious.

Finally after looking around the castle and gardens we got to chill out on the shingle beach which is scattered with drifts of the most beautiful flowers. It was a truly delightful way to spend an afternoon.


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