Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The importance of being president

The children have recently developed a new improved bedtime avoidance technique where the turn into thoughtful, communicative, charming angels who bear little resemblance to the monsters I've been shouting at pre- pyjamas and teeth cleaning. They tiptoe into our room, quiet as little mice (a stark contrast to the screeching banshees who had been running wild previously) and dupe me with their cuddles, intellegent conversation, offers to read to me and flattery. They entice me with the proposal that they just want to be with me and pray on my weakness of wanting to know a little about their day with stories of important things that they studied at school. They are smart cookies and have learnt the art of persuasion well.

Earlier this week Little Miss Worm-your-way-under-the-covers-of-the-bed was quietly reading to herself whilst I worked on the programme for the Pink Ladies WI (it's the first meeting tonight) when she suddenly sat up and exclaimed,

"I can't believe you own the WI"

"I don't own it" I explained, "I'm just the president of the Pink Ladies" (read this post here to see how I got myself into that situation.)

"Yeah but that means you're in charge though" she confirmed "the WI is like really famous," she stated in awe.

For the young there appears to be a great deal of importance based on fame. A weird correlation between fame and success has developed in a whole generation where respect is afforded to the those in the public eye no matter what the reason . Our conversation continued with much importance being placed on my leadership position, leaving me to conclude that despite there being a fair amount of organising to be done as president of a WI, it is totally worth it just for the accolade from your own children. I know in many ways it was a ploy to stay up later but even the boy is impressed by my presidential status.

"If you're the president, what does that make me?" He enquired on discovering the news from the Pink Ladies WI treasurer's daughter.

"The president's son" I replied.

"What do I have to do? He asked in earnest.



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