Friday, 4 July 2014

Flowers on Friday

Everyday new flowers appears in the garden and very soon it will be time for the daily task of picking sweet peas.

I have a little work to do with the nasturtiums in my house. In our previous garden, where we had been for 8 years, I had spread them everywhere. They grew in abundance and we could pick handfuls without it being noticeable. However I have some and possibly enough to pick a small jam jar full.

I'm aiming to have foxgloves in bloom all summer, seeing as I grew so many from collected seed last year. I've sewn some more today. That's the best thing about foxgloves, they are millions of seeds.

You can never have too many dahlia.

This fab old ladies lipstick coloured begonia was a gift from a student.

Beautiful geranium that moved house with us.

The delightfully scented rose that was already here.


And as my mum is coming today, I have picked several vases full to make Josie's room Nana-ish.



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