Friday, 11 July 2014

Pink Ladies WI Garden Party

Yay, the great British summer!

Two out of the three parties I have organised over the past year have been rained on. The sole victor against those ominous dark clouds was in a November, so its impossible to get one over on the weather gods.


As the rain poured down outside, we took the garden inside, with our tissue paper and recycled newspaper pom poms, thanks to the knit and stitching ladies and these two lovely girls below. (Well you've got to make the most of strike days and the girls made several for themselves to decorate their bedrooms).

It's super simple to make the pom poms so if you'd like to have go, I got the info from here.

They are so light weight that I could hang them from the light fittings.

And they totally compliment the crepe paper rainbow.


The weather had a negative effect on our attendance and the ability barbecue but not our "for home and country" spirit. We are a resilient bunch, us Pink Ladies, but that is after what the Womens Institute is all about.

Thank you to all the ladies who managed to make it last night and for all the delicious goodies that were grown, harvested, baked, cooked, thrown together, lovingly and very thoughtfully purchased.


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