Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Frankenadventsocks - No.2 Wensleydale Sock 2

It's official, both of my Frankenadventsocks have been started with a ribbed cuff in 100% Wensleydale wool.


So why is that important I hear you ask? Because Wensleydales are in the "at risk" category on the Rare breeds list and if we don't do more knitting with this fab British yarn, then the demand for Wensleydales will decrease and they will disappear.

Above are the facts taken from a 1949 book by N. L. Tinley (Department of Agriculture) entitled Good Sheep Farming. I got the book out from the LRC at work. It seriously does have a book on everything I'd want to know ever.

Just look at their mega fringe, curly whirly dreadlocked fleece and these guys are big. They even have blue faces. For long lustrous wool, I'm a fan so they're going in my Frankenadventsocks and my imaginary sheep farm.


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  1. Wensleydale sheep photo source


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