Sunday, 6 December 2015

Frankenadventsocks - no.6 mystery yarn


Things are going well with my Frankenadventsocks and the latest section is quite monsterous. I did attempt a bobble style stitch but was too tired to concentrate as well as being constantly interrupted. It's one of the stitches where you have to count and do everything right otherwise it ends up looking like a holey mess (see below).

I've renamed it freestyle lace. It's very in the moment and totally organic. It neither has direction nor is concerned with remaining within the confines of a regular pattern. It's impossible to make a mistake because there is no right or wrong way.


Not only have I freed myself from perfection and conformity in this section, I have also challenged my fear of scratchy yarns. I discovered that the softest of softs is not the only way and that everything is welcome in these socks even if I have absolutely no idea what the yarn is. I have changed my focus of what something is, to what it can be. This ball of charity shop treasure has no doubt lived a wild and wonderful life, it has stories to tell and these socks are just the next chapter. And if I actually knew what kemp was, I wouldn't be surprised if it was in this yarn. Perhaps it's the dark wiry flecks?


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