Sunday, 1 October 2017

Sunday Snapshots

I’ve had quite a lot to reflect on this week. Being given a diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder on Tuesday has helped me to identify why I’m currently unable to live an ordinary life.

My tiny house in which to keep unwanted thoughts that I can now label as PSTD.

Anyone who has ever spent more than 24 hours with me, will know that one of the last I’m the last to fall asleep and the first to wake up. I challenge anyone to ever say “oh yes Susie’s your typical three meals a day girl.” If you have even seen me eat, you will probably not be surprised to hear it is out of politeness and the only people, other than my husband, to ever hear me say “I’m hungry” are direct blood relatives.

This is the new dog friendly cafe at Westgate on Sea for when you’ve walked the dog in the rain. Everyone knows I have my coffee black and strong. I don’t like milk (it’s for baby cows) and it’s unlikely that I’ve had enough sleep.

I started to suspect things were not as the should be a while ago but once I stopped sleeping for more than 2 hours and had to force myself eat, I knew that blocking the thoughts from my mind was not going to be enough. However it does seem that for small pockets of time, I can put that life aside and live in a world with snapshots of hope.

Yesterday we saw a seal swimming off the cost of Margate.

It’s now October which means the summer dog ban on the beaches of Kent is over leaving Sherlock free to run wherever he wants.

I also made a new dog walking friend outside the Sea Hospital luxury flat development. I told him all about my dream to open a independent school at Dreamland to engage the disengaged and teach them that dreams are achievable. He starts his new job at Dreamland in 2 weeks.

And I went out for lunch with Josie and had pizza, although we did bring most of it home and eat it cold later. I gave some to Charlie and Josie is taking the rest for lunch.

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