Sunday, 15 October 2017

Sunday Snapshots

At last, things are starting to get a little bit easier and I can start getting on with the whole living thing.

After the overly complex stitchery I started on one of the flowers for my embroidered dress at the beginning of the week, it felt like I would never get it either right or finished. My mood darkened, but I kept at it and then suddenly it was finished.

The kitchen is no longer the sensory nightmare of the last couple of months, as long as I am the only one in there. I even managed to gather a harvest from the allotment and make a potato curry with my homegrown produce.

I’ve also managed to not only go properly outside but took on my own ASD / PTSD challenge. In true over the top ADHD style, I went on a day trip to The Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace, the perfect overwhelmingly stimulating environment to anxiously await the boy’s Kent Test results.

If I can cope with needlefelted Sherlocks, then I can probably start to engage in some of those day to day activities that have been causing me such distress.

This charming set of characters is from the book The Natural World of Needle felting 
The Natural World of Needle felting  (more on  the show to follow in another blog post).

Inspired and motivated following my mum school trip, I finally got around to starting my next Ridgeway Cottage Treaures project with a bit of Lino cutting.

Close supervision curtesy of the real life Sherlock who as ever brought a ball to the party incase I fancied a break. 

Although I found the “suprise we are early”invasion from the plumbers completely rattled my box of neatly packed PTSD symptoms and tipped them out all over the floor, it wasn’t the end of the world. Yes they arrived 3 days early and then not only ignored the request to phone before the came but also arrived 3 hours before the allotted slot. And yes they shook the foundations of the house with their pneumatic drill when they made a massive hole into the house. And also if that drill didn’t overload my ASD ears enough, they used a circular saw to cut my original Victorian floorboards. However when you’ve got a leak under your house, this is how it’s fixed and so we went out to the beach. As is now traditional, we had chips at the beach for lunch. It is always lovely surprise to get your chips surved in the same bowl your grandmother used.

And then the mid October sun came out and life didn’t seem so bad at all.

The temperature started to sore back into the twenties but with a special golden autumn warmth.

And it most definitely was warm enough for a paddle in the sea.

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