Friday, 6 May 2011

Guelder Rose

Today has been so awful hard for me, I'm unable to really quite decide what has upset me, but I could have quite easily stayed in bed. Charlie has been on a one-man demolition mission since yesterday afternoon and although I tried and tried, his mess making is relentless. He is an adorable child and I cherish every single one of my mummy and Charlie days, as we count down to him starting school in September, but as I cleared the fall out from making rocks cakes on the work surface, he flooded the kitchen floor whilst washing up. I felt overwhelmed all day, completely on edge and unable to relax.

Then I went for a walk to the shop and remembered I had seen a guelder rose bush in bloom yesterday when I was out for my first early morning jog for ages. So I went to have a look and it smelt divine. I have had a painting in my potting shed for quite some time which my mum painted when I was a child. For a long time I had thought it was of a one of Cicley Mary Barker's Elderflower Flower Fairies, but I recently found my Mum's original books that she copied the images from and discovered that it was the Guelder Rose Flower Fairy. The guelder rose is delightful, as is my mum's painting and Cicley Mary Barker's original image, all of which have lifted my spirits.

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