Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Rose Cottage

May is one of my favourite months for several reasons: the return of the warmer weather, spring flowers, longer days, Josie's birthday and bank holidays. This year there was a bonus bank holiday, a royal wedding and a fabulous vintage inspired wedding dress to enjoy.

We took the long trek down to North Devon in the early hours of Friday morning to see my lovely Auntie Danielle and to stay in one of her adorable cottages. You can imagine the fun my children had exploring all of her unique holiday homes, each decorated in its own individual style, but all of them reflecting my Auntie's impeccable taste. Josie and Charlie ran up and down the corridors, crept through the secret doors, discovered the treasure chests and the old books. I loved each and everyone of the cottages and their beautiful antique furniture. Every single room had some aspect I adored. My favourite was Rose Cottage, which was tucked away through a secret passageway, next to the fisherman's cottage "Hideaway.  I loved it for its kitchen that reminded me of Auntie Joyce's house, the large sun-drenched window in the lounge, the wall to ceiling book case and the perfect quintessential English garden. There were bluebells, lilac and hawthorn blossoms that smelt delightful. I was lost in it's charm, picturing myself, pottering around the house, sewing in the bedroom at the rose dressing table, potting up seedlings in the greenhouse and baking cakes.

It was idyllic, a dreamer's dream and the most wonderful place. The cottages are in the picturesque seaside village of Appledore, that has everything you could ever want from the seaside, not in the brash Margate style or even the classic Victorian style of Broadstairs, but as a reflection of the simple life. The children liked nothing more than exploring the rock pools, going crabbing off the slipway and walking the dogs on the pet friendly beaches. We ate fish and chips, sticks of rock and Devon cream teas. It's a holiday that will be etched in my memory forever as will the kindness and generosity of my Auntie. There is nothing more heart warming than family holidays.

Dedicated to Danielle Hartwright from Appledore Cottages

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