Wednesday, 30 November 2011

More on the same theme

In two days time, I'll be doing my first ever craft fair. Nothing fancy as it is the Christmas Fair at my son's school, but nevertheless, a real opportunity to get out there and meet the real public and see if they want to buy any of my wares.

Following my first linocut Christmas cards, I have made several more from the same lino block. It is quite easy to get carried away and I now have the following variations:

 Blue ink on white paper

White ink on red paper

Also as a I never entirely happy with the result unless it has that smidgen of embellishment, I am now adding a stitched metallic border and debating on whether there should be a silver or gold pear in the tree. I had intended to cut another design and bought some more lino but have lost my lino cutting tool which is probably why I'm working on the attention to detail! I don't want to spend valuable crafting time looking for something I may never find.

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