Saturday, 11 February 2012

Feed the birds - idea collection

 I am working on several pieces of art at once because mixed media collage is a process of building and layering texture which inevitably requires drying time. Sometimes, like this evening, the gel transfer tree I've added needs to set for at least 10 - 16 hours and it doesn't help that the weather has become extra chilly.

Feed the Birds is the second of my mixed media collages since my inspirational Margate visit. Above are some of the ideas for the tree images I might use once the paint and gel elements are completely dry.

 The bird silhouette will be the finishing touch, but I have already cut a Lino block in anticipation after collecting all these images earlier today. I am also quite tempted to crochet a delicate shell border for the bottom edge which will give something else to search for whilst the gel transfer dries.

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