Thursday, 2 February 2012

Texture, colour and light

I remember asking a good friend for advice just a short while a go when every day was dark and filled with self doubt and oppression. She told me that she stripped everything away until she was left with the essence of her being and started again from there.

Life is an endless battle of self discovery and balance. I don't ever really feel as if I've mastered any of it but I do believe that colour, texture and light continue to form the foundation of my soul. Just as Frank Sinatra's orange angora jumper stands out in my mind when thinking of the film Ocean's 11, the most emotionally satisfying expression of texture, colour and light has got to be mixed media collage.

So I've got out the acrylics, oil paint, PVA, tissue paper, ink, lace and vintage musical score and have started to experiment.

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