Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Time and space

The wonderful thing about being married and growing to love each other more as the years go by, is that every Valentine's Day is special and different from the last. I know that you can never really have too many diamonds but I do have a few and that is not really what love is about. I also have red wine and Black Magic chocolates but that still isn't what makes today perfect. My gift this year from my loving husband was time and space. He spent the whole day converting a space in our bedroom into an office so that the room downstairs can be devoted to a studio.

Every night I read about a particular inspirational artist and fall asleep dreaming of the ideas that their words have sparked in my ever restless imagination. I recently read that an artist felt that they could never have enough space or time and that is so true. To have my own space to create and time to do so, is the greatest present I could ask for at such a time where art has taken over my focus. Even better that my children have already enjoyed spending time in both the new office and the art studio.

Happy Valentine's Day

Thank you to my darling husband x

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