Monday, 5 March 2012

Dandelion clocks

My latest pieces of work are based on dandelion clocks and their delicate fragility. How is it that such a delightfully light, umbrella shaped seed can produce a plant with such ludicrously ferocious tap roots that take over my vegetable plot, produce flowers and disperse their gentle seeds before I manage to get them under control? (That sentence was almost as long as my battle against them) Despite their aggressive nature, I am still fascinated by the grace of their seed heads. The magical appeal of a dandelion clock ready to be blown by a small child is something that I am fortunate enough to still see through the eyes of my own little ones. To make a wish and then watch each tiny seed with its own parachute of fluff drift away on a breeze, is a beautiful gift from nature.
This is a photo collage I'm working on in preparation for some mixed media extravaganza.

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