Sunday, 25 March 2012

Vegetable patch (before and after)

Despite the clocks going forward and British Summer Time starting, I am a fair weather gardener and today was not warm enough for me. Over the past two days (today not included) I have made a little progress at the allotment. I always think that I'm going to get prepared in the Autumn, put tools away, tidy up and do a bit of digging during the winter but I never get around to it because it just a bit too cold.

The Before Photo

A great deal of weeds, some cabbages that didn't quite make it to the correct size and some spring greens that I left there because they are actually doing fairly well.

The After Photo

Weeded, dug over and planted with the onions that I bought in the autumn but didn't get around to planting in the allotment so I stuck them in a seed tray over winter. Oh well fingers crossed.

The ladybirds like them

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