Saturday, 10 March 2012

Mastering leeks

I have been growing leeks for a while now and although I am far from being a professional, I feel I have finally mastered the whole seeds, leeks , seeds cycle. Just as with runner beans, I am now self sufficient with my leeks. I grow them, we harvest most of them and let some go to seed. The seed heads are some strickingky beautiful that I did pick some last year and kept them in an old enamel coffee pot looking truly spectacular before disguarding them on a spare patch of ground in December. I left a few seeds heads at the allotment and some went in a hanging basket.

The tiny green shoots are loads of minuture leek plants. They look a little like grass but in a few weeks, I will be able to thin them and they grow into leeks which will last through the winter and go to seed next year ready to produce more leeks in 2014.

These ones are a few weeks further on and in a hanging basket. I'm waiting for them to be the size of small paintbrushes before I plant them in rows at the allotment. Today a brought back three leeks from last season for lunch. I love leeks, they survive the winter and sit there happily waiting to be dug up. There blueish green leafs and pale steams are one of my favourite colour palette combinations, so after wearing myself out gardening, I drew some leeks completely from memory.

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