Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rain on the Parade

It has been the saddest of times, despite the pomp and pageantry of the Jubilee celebrations, the grief and loss following the unexpected death of my wonderful mother in law have left me unable to express or comment on aspects of everyday life. I have not been able to find solace in Ridgeway Cottage and my days are once again flooded with tear filled moments. How could it even be possible to put into words what impact such a tragic event has had on our world?

Our Jubilee Party was a subdued affair, but Charlie and his excitement about the spectacle of the parade was enough to inspire me to put up the bunting, get out the lace table cloth and paint of couple of red, white and blue flags on scraps of fabric between the Queen arriving back at Buckingham Palace and appearing on the balcony. We had our rhubarb crumble, tea and biscuits and bought our Diamond Jubilee Souvenir tins.

Charlie and I made some Diamond Jubilee Elderflower Champagne. The recipe we used can be found here. The rain and colder weather has delayed the elderflowers this year and I felt a real sense of sadness knowing that my mother in law will not be enjoying a glass.

Perhaps Charlie would like to send a bottle to the Queen? Just the thought of it exploding in Buckingham Palace and making a hole in the Queen's ceiling keeps a little of the rain off the parade.

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  1. so sorry to hear of your loss.There are no words of consolation but the memories you keep.


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