Monday, 25 June 2012

The simplicity of stitching

It has been one of those weeks where challenge after challenge has crossed my path. Work is exceptionally busy as the students rush to get their assignments in before the end of term and at home the weather and stresses of the last few weeks have taken their toll, we all have little sniffles, feel drained and weary. When I finished work for the week on Thursday, I thought it was time to be kind to myself (I had a huge headache) and decided to finally have a go at making an a-line skirt from the beautifully summery fabric I picked up at a charity shop for £2.

Inspired by the WI knitting and stitching circle meeting I went to last week, I thought I might give making my own pattern a whirl. The Internet is simply full of useful advice, tutorials and information and I did use to make my own clothes when I was younger.

The shape is pretty easy for an a-line skirt. I measured my waist added a few centimetres and then halved it and did the same with my hips. With these two measurements I made two points on a folded piece of wallpaper lining. One at the top of the paper and one approximately a quarter of the way down, about the distance between my waist and hips. Then with a ruler and joined the two dots and followed the line down to the bottom of the paper. Finally I curved the bottom and the top.

It didn't take long to sew it all together but I have decided to crochet an edge to the skirt, which is likely to take rather a long time.

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