Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Traditional parsnips

As my family grows up and develops, little traditions become part of the fabric of life. One of these traditions is the growing of parsnips for Christmas dinner. I can honestly say that I never bought a single parsnip seed but have grown each and every one from plants that have seeded on my allotment. During the first year of my first plot, a magnificent structural plant appeared at the over grown area at the back of my plot. It had the most stunning yellow umbrella flowers and turned out to be a parsnip that had gone to seed. If left, parsnips are prolific seeders that spread their featherweight seeds near and far. I let them grow where there land and leave them until they are just big enough to eat before weeding them out. I save handfuls for Charlie as he loves playing with seeds so parsnips pop up all over the place.

It may seem early but I freeze them for Christmas as I usually need the space for other crops and they just grow all over. This year however things may well be a little different as my dearest mother-in-law will be missing and it was her who liked the parsnips so and the fact that I had grown them. There are too many family traditions that will not be the same now that she has gone but I think I might just continue growing the parsnips each year.

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