Sunday, 6 February 2011

Breakfast at Tiffany's

As I ran through the deserted city streets this morning, lots of thoughts crossed my mind, infact my head was so crammed, a run was just what I needed to empty some of them out. The high street is so beautiful early in the morning before anyone gets up, just the birds singing, street cleaners and a sleepy looking hotel receptionist. With some of the space in my head clear, I got to wondering just how fantastic it would be to be as beautiful as Audrey Hepburn. I would like to wonder around in a stunning dress, gaze in the window of Tiffany's, whilst drinking a coffee (not sure about the danish though, I'm still practicing with breakfast).

I then got to wondering whether I might be able to find some similar place whilst out on my run. I stopped to look at an incredible white lace dress in the window of French Connection, there was also Patisserie Valerie, which is one of Josie's favourites. She always looks longingly at the cakes in the window, but whenever I take her inside, she always has a coke and an ice-cream.

Then I discovered just the place I was looking for, La Trappiste  which opens tomorrow. It is in the renovated Deakins and Son store on the corner of Sun Street. Through the window, I could see Art Nouveau  inspired paintings on the wall and vases with a solitary red rose on each table. The first item on the menu, is a cheese board! I now have something to look forward to, I'll probably need a new dress...

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