Tuesday, 8 February 2011

That would be nice as a stamp

My family are becoming quite involved in my blog. Today as I was taking a photo for my daily photo slide show of the single solitary crocus in our front garden, Charlie came out and asked to see the photo. He then wanted to take his own daily photo and he chose our cat Herbie as his subject. Later on told me he should have taken a photo of my beautiful vintage diamante brooch that my husband brought me. He really is becoming quite a keen photographer and it is fascinating to see how he records life in a similar way to me but from his four year old.

Following my discovery of La Trappiste yesterday, I felt it only fitting to go there for a coffee with my new work friend Maria on its opening day. To surround yourself with beautiful architecture, inspirational people, excellent conversation, coffee, delicious patisserie and fabulous Alphonse Mucha inspired wall art, is surely the only way to spend a lunch hour. In my distant past, as an art student, I did of course study art history and Art Nouveau has always filled me with joy, so I thought I would have a look at some of the paintings, I once loved so much.

Josie spotted the picture above. She takes great interest in the writing of my blog, especially if I'm writing it after bedtime.

"That would be nice as a stamp" she said and quite frankly I agree. The integration of art and dance but with the functionality of a postage stamp. Genius!

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