Saturday, 19 February 2011

Bright young things

How fabulous it must have been to be a bright young thing in the 1920s? I imagine that I would like to have only been  concerned with how I looked and where and who would be hosting the next party. One would need to be some kind of aristocrat to pull it off successfully and  I would so love to have feathers for brains. I could quite easily have a passion for partying; drinking, smoking and being outrageously incorrigible.

I suppose I admire Cecil Beaton for his innovative photographic record of the time and most beautiful images. There were also the novelists of this era, Evelyn Waugh and Nancy Mitford who encapsulated the decadence so eloquently. Perhaps it is simply a fascination of the rise before the fall and a time when women stepped out from the shadows. Mostly though it is the glamour, but sadly this was not reflected throughout society as they lived alongside those in deepest poverty. There is no harm in dreams as they hurt no-one

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