Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Not enough jam jars

All through the winter, I dream of days like today. The washing is drying on the line, the back door is wide open, I've been to the allotment and best of all, I am in the wonderful position of not having enough jam jars. They are already filled with such delights as rhubarb chutney and my favourite mix of sweet peas and nigella. If I had more jam jars, there would be enough sweet peas to have some in every room of the house.

I do like it when it rains and I don't get a chance to go to the allotment for a couple of days, because when I do eventually return, the whole place has changed. Today there were sweet peas and feverfew flowers everywhere and too many raspberries to pick. If I do manage to get my hands on some jam jars, it's practically the jam season. So as the last of the elderflowers fade and the champagne ferments in the shed, the raspberry canes are smothered in little crimson gems.

I also had to do one of the saddest of allotment jobs today, thinning carrots. No matter how carefully and evenly I try to sow the seed, my carrots always end up in great clumps. It is heart breaking to pull up most of the carrots which are growing on top of each other when the rest of the row is bare. They did however, not go to waste, as that would be even worse. I chopped them up in our soup for lunch.

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