Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Summer Days and deckchairs

It was a sad day when my deckchair broke and not for the first time, however this time the fabric really was too old to repair and needed replacing. I loved the brown and orange stripe but fortunately Charlie spotted some turquoise and orange stripe deckchair canvas in our local fabric shop, so it was the perfect time for a make over. The hardest part was removing the old fabric, which it turned out wasn't the original and during the process I stabbed a great hole in my hand with the screwdriver. It wouldn't stop bleeding and with a plaster on the job was much trickier.

So today, despite the forecast of thunderstorms, I got my deckchair out to enjoy the sunshine. I didn't actually sit in but did intend to, I just had too many plants that needed to be pricked out and potted on. I crocheted a cushion to match the new fabric and although I didn't quite have the right shade of orange, the salmon pink is a close enough match.

I hope that the sunny days continue so that I get a chance to sit in the deckchair, in all it's made over glory.

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  1. Wow! I love it. Glad to see the return of Ridgeway Cottage. I've missed your musings... x


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