Monday, 13 June 2011

Work in progress

As the last two weeks have been difficult ones, I have been trying my best to take it easy, not worry too much about things and do my best to get through each day. I've just been picking up small projects, ones that don't take too much effort although I have made two dresses and a shawl for my mother-in-law to wear to a wedding. When I put it like that, actually type it in words, I have been quite busy, but today I have been working on something for my husband for our wedding anniversary. It was inspired by a picture I recently saw and a website Urban cross-stitch. How fabulous for cross stitch to have gone urban!!

This is how far I've got with the cross stitch. It doesn't look much, but cross stitch takes forever and I'm not really brilliant at sitting still for huge amounts of time, so I made a cherry cake and potted up all my tomato and celeriac plants as well.

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