Sunday, 18 September 2011

Crochet in Mustard

Ever since our yellow day, I have been quite taken with yellow and am really quite delighted that mustard is one of this autumns new colour trends. I do love autumn colours and I do love shopping. I particularly like the change from summer to autumn because of the reintroduction of knitwear, scarves, hats, gloves and leg warmers. I do in fact already have some mustard lacy patterned leg warmers and have my eye on a matching beret and fingerless gloves. It is mostly the colour that counts though and at the moment my new favourite colour is mustard.

The colder, darker nights definitely inspire a bit of crocheting, so I have been making some crocheted bracelets in mustard today. I was considering a "how to crochet a bracelet" tutorial but found the photos and explanation a little tricky.

So here are a couple of pictures

I got a bangle for 5p from a charity shop, some mustard yarn and a 3 1/4mm crochet hook.

The stitch is basically a double crochet stitch (American single crochet). The hook goes under the bangle, the yarn is held above the bangle, pulled under to make two loops on the hook, yarn over and then pull through both of the loops. Then I just kept going until the bangle was covered.

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  1. I love your crocheted bangle - I think I need some of these.


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