Tuesday, 6 September 2011


As a mum and a teacher, the first couple of weeks of September are a mass of things I need to remember and get organised and this year, my little Charlie is off to school. I've been sewing up labels and buying school things for weeks and now I need to get my own work head on in order to juggle the whole working mum business. I love and embrace all technology, notebooks, lists and reminders. I would dearly love to be hyper organised but never quite seem to pull it off. Josie will probably never forgive me for sending her to school in reception without her teddy for the teddy bears picnic but this year, I feel I finally actually know how much school lunches cost. My husband has put up so more coat hooks at the bottom of the stairs to hang school coats. So here's my list for this week

  1. Take important documents into work and then return them to the original place and not leave them in a bag where they have been for several months, waiting to get taken into work
  2. Write a menu (by tea time, I've lost all ability to think and really need a piece of paper to tell me what we are supposed to be eating)
  3. Make Charlie's PE bag
  4. Find and return all overdue library books (I really must stop putting this one off and get under Charlie's bed and behind Josie's wardrobe
  5. Swap the summer clothes in my wardrobe for autumn ones
My head truly does feel like it is spinning, perhaps I had better start by making a pot of tea.

A picture of my geraniums on a sunny day, before the winds of autumn swept in and made everything so dark and miserable.

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