Thursday, 1 September 2011

Ten things to do in September

Following the successful completion of blogging every single day, without fail, in August, I thought I might write myself a "to do" list for this month. There is definitely something about writing things down that helps them turn from fleeting thoughts into achievements. Having been so badly organised in the garden / allotment for the last few Autumns due to sad and difficult times, I am going to make a serious effort this year.

  1. Collect and save seeds (sweet pea, nigella, sunflowers, parsnip, leek and fennel)
  2. Plant out spring cabbages and winter kale
  3. Pickle more nasturtium seeds (really deliciously hot and peppery)
  4. Make some raspberry jam
  5. Freeze rhubarb and runner beans
  6. Buy a few late chrysanthemums for the garden
  7. Make some tomato chutney
  8. Plant paperwhite narcissus
  9. Make some sloe gin
  10. Tidy up the potting shed

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