Sunday, 11 September 2011

Menu planner

I've had quite a good weekend, tidying up and getting organised after my first full week back in the school and work routine. Charlie's first day at school went well and he loved the army camouflage PE bag I made him.

When I researched some ideas for menu planners, I discovered that I am not the only one who fears that "what's for tea?" question. It really has started to make me feel sick even just going to the supermarket, but I think that I have found the solution.

I made a list of all the tried and tested meals that my family have enjoyed in the past along with some quick and easy recipes. I stuck some old musical score on the back of a cereal packet and printed off some labels with the meals on. Last year I started usingMod Podge and it is still my favourite craft glue. It was the perfect finish touch to the front of the cards. Then I glued a piece of magnetic strip to the back.

To make the days of the week stand out slightly, I used my dymo labelling machine.

So now the magnets can easily be removed and replaced next to the chosen day and I can tell at a glance what's for tea. Alongside the planner, I intend to introduce the strict rule of having to eat what is on the menu. I will naturally include any other healthy recipes that the children wish to add but there will no longer be the debating, disagreeing and arguing.

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  1. OMG we're definitely having menu magnets in this house. They are fab!


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