Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn Leaves

This time last week, the sun was blazing, the temperatures had soared and autumn seemed to have been put on hold for the summer to just have one more flourish. In the past few days, the wind has arrived and the field on the way to school is completed covered in leaves.

Sometimes I do believe that autumn is my favourite season. I adore the colours, the light, the weather and the  memories it evokes. Once you've had children, autumn leaves take on a new meaning. I really have spent hours and hours over the past eight years, kicking around in piles of leaves. My bike basket is full of leaves and I have not made it through the park once this week on the school run without being showered in leaves.

And just to finish off that autumn feel, today was not only Josie's harvest festival but Autumn Watch is back on the TV.  The glorious sunny weather over the last couple of weeks has meant that there are no mushrooms to go and hunt for at Wildwood this weekend, so the mushroom foray has been cancelled.  So for now we are just going to enjoy the autumn leaves.

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