Saturday, 15 October 2011

Why is silence golden?

Description and adjectives are such wonderful aspects of language but why should silence be golden? Since Charlie has gone to school , I have been able to finally experience periods of silence in my life. Quite often now, I return to the house and it is silent. My iPhone has become stuck in headphone mode for a couple of days which meant I had a silent phone. I was quite tempted not to get it fixed!

As I waited for the train to London yesterday morning, alone and appreciating all the quiet and relaxing joys of travelling without children, the sun rose bathing the station in glorious autumn sunlight and I really started to wonder about silence. Of course the silence to which I refer is not complete silence. On the train there was the rumble of the train on the tracks and the faint sound of rustling newspapers, but it was empty of words. I was alone with my thoughts, had to talk to no one and had no one talking to me. In a world filled with noise, information and words, this silence seems precious. I believe the saying is that words are silver and silence is golden.

However sometimes silence is not golden but is a cowardly shade of yellow. I discovered since returning to work that some people don't know what to say to me and choose to say nothing. This silence is far from golden.

The whole world appears golden on mornings like yesterday; golden sun, golden leaves and golden silence.

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