Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Exquisite yarn

There truly is a world of difference between a ball of acrylic yarn with its wiry feel in brash garish colours and the beautifully precious hand dyed natural yarns with prices to match their finery. Although around £20 seems like a large amount of money to pay for a skein of yarn, the colours are all individually divine and the feel and quality reflects every penny of the price. I couldn't resist visiting the stalls of my two favourite purveyors of scrumptious yarn at the Knitting and Stitching Exhibition on Sunday. I adore Fyberspates the colours and the sock yarn are really so lovely and my ambition is to buy some lace weight yarn from Loop to make a delicate shawl. Sadly I do not possess the skills currently for either Fyberspates socks or a Loop shawl but it didn't stop me admiring the stalls.

However I discovered a new favourite, Habu Textiles. 

There was just something so alluring about the muted tones and variety of textures from natural materials that were truly exquisite. Sometimes it's alright to indulge in such sumptuous yarn, especially as I will appreciate it everyday and can't wait to get started on a few little projects.

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