Monday, 24 October 2011

The Natural History Museum

There is one place in London that I will never tire of. It has been a favourite since my grandparents used to take me there and I cherish the idea of having passed that love on to my own children. The Natural History Museum, is the most beautifully spectacular museum and the fact that it houses such fabulous dinosaurs finds is just a complete bonus.

There could not be a more glorious day to visit, than a sun filled day in October. The golden leaves and the clear blue skies where the perfect back drop for the grandiose Romanesque giant of a building. If ever architecture were to reflect the contents and purpose of a building, the Natural History Museum was clearly built for dinosaurs.

It's a place where dreams of small boys come true and it doesn't even matter too much if you decide against queuing for an additional hour to get into the actual dinosaur exhibition and go truly commercial and just go for the shop. Personally I am not sure that I would be able to go to the museum now, without at least one trip up the escalator into planet earth and "the wobbly shop" as it's become known, is really as contentious now as seeing the "real" T-Rex. Nothing could ever be so wonderful as following Charlie and his friend through the volcano section of the museum, watching their delight at the idea of all things volcanic and lava like punctuated with the debate about whether they would / would not be going to in "the wobbly shop". I can see the two of them in the future, discussing all matters of great seriousness whilst pressing buttons and interacting in a world which will remain forever at their fingertips.

Despite their love of all things Apple and at the age of four years old, instinctively knowing that is something has an "i" prefix, then you can play on it, a day trip to a museum that opened in 1881 and is filled with curiosites collected by the great explorers of the past, is still the best day out ever. It is reassuring to think that my Grandma, who was from a very different world, could quite easily take Charlie for a day out at the Natural History Museum and have just as much fun.

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