Sunday, 1 January 2012


Last year there were quite few low points, a large number of highs, frankly it was bit of a roller coaster. This year I figured I have nothing to loose and if I gained strength of character and mind through the trying times, I may as well put them to the test and adopt a 'life's too short' approach.

Josie and I definitely share the thrill seeker trait. The other day at Wildwood, it was without hesitation that I threw myself down the 26 foot drop slide, shortly followed by Josie. The boys decided to give it a miss.

There is no better feeling than achieving a goal and last year there seemed to be so many times when I was unable to do stuff. So my first challenge of the year was to swim in the sea on New Years Day. Fortunately the weather was mild and to be honest I didn't actually feel as cold as I imagined. The tide was out so the most challenging part was walking out far enough to swim and it was really rocky. I went a beautifully orangey red colour but didn't shiver. It was completely exhilarating and to be recommended.

Next challenge??? Loose some of those extra pounds hanging around the bottom half of my body. I wonder if 10lbs is a little optimistic, although if I can swim in the sea on New Years Day, I can do anything.

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